Yogini Shakti


Welcome Beautiful Sisters

Your soul brought you here for a reason.

From the deepest part of your being, you are longing to embrace your divine feminine essence.
Our sisterhood welcomes YOUR energy and presence.

 Together, our Shakti will rise! 

Let's Come Together in Circle

The time is now my sisters, for us to unite,

as the world needs us more than ever before. 

We are being asked to meet that call in our fullest capacity. 

Together let's create a reality that reflects the qualities of the Divine Feminine; healing both ourselves and mother earth. 

Women have been coming together to invoke the Goddess

since the beginning of time


Shakti Power

We are designed to support each other, while sharing our sacred gifts.  Sisterhood facilitates our capacity to find our voice and emanate that purpose out into the world. 

The sacred force of the feminine amplifies in a circle, a symbol of the feminine in itself.  When we sit together in ritual circle, whatever we would intentionally like to create gains the power to manifest. 


What was impossible alone becomes possible through the strength of sisterhood. 

In circle, we call in our higher power, our Shakti. Naturally, the Goddess allows us to tap into Her universal power helping us to unlock it from within.

Let's join together to awaken this divine feminine force and to remember who we are as embodied women awakened to their path and purpose!


Be Ready to Experience:

 Feminine Rituals

✧ Ancient priestess practices

 Mantras to invoke the Goddess

Shakti Dance

 Power of Sacred Space

Visualization & Manifestation

Elemental magic

Intention & Imagination


With these devotional practices, we are able to invite divine energy into the physical realm and into our own body temples.

Deep Exploration of Sacred Themes:

Goddess Invocation/ Embodiment

Sacred Sisterhood and its power

Tantric techniques and life perspective

Yogic Wisdom on the Feminine Path

Softening into spacious awareness 

Mother Nature as our shelter and strength

Honoring your body temple as a sacred vessel

Sacred Sexuality/ Relationships

✧ The Priestess Path of Alchemy

Manifesting love, abundance and all that you desire

Each month we will channel a different Goddess from the Tantra tradition.   Invoking feminine archetypes is an essential practice to embody their divine qualities and welcome their unique gifts into our lives. 

Membership Elements

Shakti Circle Each Full Moon

Our virtual monthly Shakti Circles creates a Portal of Potential for Feminine Evolution. The Power of Circle is an exclusive feminine phenomenon that energetically amplifies our intentions, while helping us release whatever may be holding us back from manifesting our dreams.

 The circle will be held via live Zoom call; on the full moon day at 8 pm EST.   Link delivered to your inbox 1 week in advance and again the day before.  The session will be recorded and sent to your inbox in case you can't make it live. 

✧ Each circle will be 90 minutes long with a mix of invocation, intention setting, sacred movement, the topic of exploration, goddess embodiment, sister sharing and meditation.

✧ Sacred space to be held by Yogini Gopika, Tantrik Priestess, and Intuitive Guide, with more than 17 years of experience on the spiritual path. (Read her full bio here!)

Private Facebook Group

You will have access to a private Facebook group as a sacred space for expression and connection with your soul sisters who are on the same path.

 Facebook Live on the New Moon with Gopika to learn our monthly intention.

✧ Monthly theme that will also relate to a specific Goddess, to focus on as a collective. As the moon grows we can support each other in nourishing that aspect into reality.

Exclusive Goddess guest speakers and interviews.

✧ Oracle/ Tarot  Readings for the group

Exclusive Monthly Goddess Content

Access exclusive monthly Goddess content! By joining the Yogini Shakti Sisterhood today, you can download  A Goddess's Guide to Self-Care (e-book, a $10 value) for FREE today.   Surprise bonuses yet to come!

 Inspirations on the Priestess Path of Goddess Awakenings

 Tips to enhance your Divine Feminine Energy in daily life.

Heartfelt messages from Gopika to uplift and nourish you on this sacred path

 Goddess Rituals - short guided videos that you will receive in your inbox to enhance your daily life

Goddess Gifts When You Join

With a Monthly Membership receive a video and mini guidebook: Seven Secrets to Embody the Goddess in Everyday Life

With a Yearly Membership also receive the new E-book A Goddess's Guide to Self-Care: A Journey Through the Pancha Kosha

Join me in the sacred realm where the magic of your inner Goddess is invited to shine at Her full potential.

© 2020 by The Inner Yogini

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