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Tri Shakti Mentorship

✧ EXCLUSIVE Mentorship and Course in ONE 

Three Women

30 Day Goddess Transformation

Purity | Presence | Power

Three 1:1 Sessions

Two Group Sessions

One Full Moon Shakti Circle

Immerse yourself in Shakti power!


 I would like to invite three women into a sacred container for 30 days.


From new moon to new moon, we will work together to co-create the life you are meant to lead and to activate the divine self that is inside of you yearning to be expressed.

As I go deeper into women's work I realize that the real results come when there is a network of support because as women we are wired in such a way that we thrive in community.   Through female connection creative upliftment happens so naturally. We are designed to share and encourage each other.

I am calling in three women to make an Exclusive Shakti Circle.  We will work 1:1 and within our small group.  The collective energy will facilitate the transformation you desire. 

Rather than working independently all three of you will also hold each other accountable and support each other as sisters. This will surely heighten the effectiveness and depth of this program.

Three Private 1:1 sessions:

60 minute personalized sessions

to guide you in your divine feminine awakening.

✧ Value: $360 

First Session:


Cleanse and detox your body temple as you become empowered to focus on your unique needs and honor yourself as divine.

To become a living Goddess, it is necessary to make yourself a clear vessel, so you may totally embrace that which wants to awaken within you. Ayurvedic based women's wisdom will make ythe space for your feminine magnificence to blossom.


Second Session:

Create alignment and clarity as you activate your inner yogini.

Being able to hold space for yourself is key to rise into all you are meant to be. You will be guided to develop both the inner peace and the creative power necessary to be totally centered in your feminine strength.


Third Session:

Learn the secret to overcome self-sabotage, magnetize your destiny and embrace pleasure filled purpose.

Tantric based wisdom will be offered on how to fully make the best of your feminine superpowers. Sacred sexuality and relationships will be highlighted.

Are You Ready To ...

✧   Fall totally in love with yourself and your life?

✧   Become the most radiant, energetic, and joyful YOU possible?
✧   Enhance your feminine energy to magnetize your desires?

✧  Unlock your innate intuitive power and unique gifts?

✧ Treat your body as the temple it is & own your sacred sexuality?

Two Virtual Group Sessions:

Our first group session will create a portal of potential using the Priestess skills of intention and imagination, the last group session will be a final initiation to solidify the gifts of purity, presence, and power.

✧ Value: $150 

Support Throughout Your Journey

✧   Email support and answers to your questions in between sessions

✧   Adapted to your unique needs and desires
✧   Sisterly support, intuitive guidance, and practical tools

✧ One month FREE access to the Yogini Shakti Sisterhood

 ✧ Oracle reading at the end of each session

Sign up by February 11, 2021

Initiation: Saturday, February 13, 2021

Yogini Shakti Full Moon Circle: February 25, 2021

Final Circle: March 13, 2021

Ayurvedic Expertise

✧   Ayurveda, The Mother of All Healing Guidebook - how to apply Ayurveda to your life plus TWO Doshic quizzes

✧   Ayurvedic Diet Handbook - general information plus PERSONALIZED diet, complete with Ayurvedic recipes for nourishing your inner Goddess
✧ Value: $163 ✧

My intention with this program is to provide you with a personalized experience that is adaptable to your unique needs and desires! 

Take my hand, Sister! It would be my honor to be your guide.  Together let's activate your divine feminine power. Confident, radiant womanhood is your birthright. Let me support you in realizing your full potential!

Goddess Self-Care

✧   A Goddess's Guide to Self-Care Ebook - a complete journey in itself

✧   Caring for Your Body Temple Planner - a personalized self-care plan based on careful Ayurvedic analysis that fills your inner goddess with love, complete with beauty recipes for your skin type

✧   Circadian Rhythm Reset - An exclusive one hour video deep dive by Gopika to Harmonize with the Sun and Moon

✧ Value: $239 ✧

Connect with Shakti Sisters

Establish a sacred connection with women on this divine path to support you on your journey. This sacred connection will be in your heart all your life.

✧ Value: Priceless ✧



✧   Ayurvedic Doshic Analysis

✧   Self-care Plan

✧   Detox/Diet Plan

✧   Ayurvedic Nourishing Plan

✧   Circadian Rhythm Reset to Harmonize with Nature

✧ Value: $300 ✧



✧   A Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) designed for you

✧   Secret keys to heal exhaustion and overwhelm

✧   Video guide on how to heal exhaustion and restore energy you will have access to indefinitely

✧ Value: $257 ✧



✧   Video for Powerful Kundalini Tantra Practices

✧   Sacred Sexuality - How to Perform Ritual

✧   A lifelong gift of Kundalini Awakening and Sacred Sex Practices

✧ Value: Priceless ✧

Personal Investment

It's time to honor yourself to the fullest as you awaken to the Goddess that lives within you.
  Total Price: $575

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Tri Shakti Mentorship

Total Investment is $575

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