These programs have been inspired by my own spiritual journey; which deepened when I learned to love myself fully, set healthy boundaries, and honor my own needs. The feminine spiritual path must be fluid and pleasurable, just as we women are cyclical and lunar. 


By aligning with our natural rhythms, intuition expands. It is from the depths of inner connection that the fuel to rise becomes spontaneously present. 


Rather than putting pressure on yourself to reach perfection; I invite you to dive deep with me into the magical realm of feminine awakening.


Yogini Gopika

With Love, 

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Weaving together the wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra;

combining feminine intuition & yogic science

this mentorship program is like no other. 

✧Personalized Experience

✧Transformational Tools

✧Sisterly Guidance

✧Evolutionary Methods

✧Activate Potential & Power

✧Unique Bonuses

Be READY to fall totally

in love with yourself

and your life!

It's time to awaken radiant, confident womanhood!

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This course is for you if you would like to learn the secrets of the Feminine Spiritual Path;

Lifting you to heights while nourishing your depths, this course gives you a well-rounded foundation  to awaken your inner magnificence and blossom into your

full Shakti potential.

3 Phases of Feminine Awakening

✧ Phase 1: Sovereign Queen 

Stand Fully in Your Power

Foundation of Sacred Self-Care


✧ Phase 2: Inner Yogini

Cultivate Your Feminine Mystic

Divine Connection & Self-Mastery


✧ Phase 3: Tantrik Dakini

Embody Erotic Spirituality

Priestess of Pleasure & Presence


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TANTRA is that which opens the doorway to reach your full potential in this lifetime. It facilitates a higher dimension of existence that invites you be truly alive and awake.


Tantra is mystical in nature, it is something that must be lived and realized. Our intention is to give you the tools and the way to unlock its secrets and its blessings.

✧ Experience a deep dive into the essence of yoga

✧ Cultivate your creativity, intuition, and meditation practice

 ✧ Inspire your personal growth & expression


Special Features:

✧ A supportive loving atmosphere

✧ The combination of ancient & modern methods

✧ Expert and caring team of teachers

✧ Mutli- faceted experience






I loved working with Yogini Gopika. I started receiving mentoring from her after experiencing deep grief.  She taught me techniques to heal my body and my soul. 


Yogini Gopika introduced my husband and I to Tantra yoga and the deeper possibilities of an intimate relationship. She showed us that the love in a 17 year relationship can flourish once again.


Gopika is a person that I fully trust and I feel so blessed that I met her. She has knowledge and passion for what she does; at the same time she transmits her knowledge with kindness and in a way that is easy to understand.

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